Tourists who enjoy a walk in the park amidst nature are going to have their minds blown by how beautiful UC Riverside Botanic Gardens is. This 40-acre botanical garden not only houses 3 500 plant species but also from all over the world and with views that cannot be beaten.

The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens are a magnificent sanctuary to explore. Walk past the Iris Garden, Lilac Lane, and Rose gardens, all while listening for bird songs or enjoy an afternoon tea picnic among herbaceous plants in this expansive botanical paradise.

Situated at 1 Botanic Gardens Dr, Riverside, CA 92507, United States, The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens is among the most scenic gardens in all of California. With 40 hillside acres, you’ll find it difficult to walk less than four miles through their beautiful landscape. Once there, be sure to take time out for some relaxation on any number of benches spread throughout this property–you’re guaranteed not only to get an amazing view but also help calm your nerves after a long day at work or school too.

This is a living plant museum with over 3,500 plant species and thousands of specimens from around the globe. It’s home to many Mediterranean climate plants as well as those that can be found in California or deserts Southwest US based on their similarities.

This Botanic Gardens is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of southern California. As part of their beautiful, thriving university campus, it offers different aspects depending on your interests– whether you’re looking for teaching or research opportunities with UC Riverside campus teachers and researchers. The multiple microclimates within this park create an abundant plant life as well as wildlife throughout all seasons; make sure not only to visit but also volunteer while there so we can keep up these amazing grounds together.

Around one-third of the 40 acres remains unplanted and comprises mainly native plant communities, including coastal sage scrub, annual grassland – known to be home base from which some species have been extirpated due to recent development in neighboring areas such as Laguna Beach – all within earshot or sight distance if you so choose it. Common natives found on site here include brittlebush (Encelia farinosa), California buckwheat Eriogonum fasciculatum), California sagebrush Artemisia californica). There’s also deer weed Lotus scoparius) that makes its way into this list too.

UC Riverside Botanic Gardens are home to a beautiful collection of themed and horticultural collections. One such garden, the Butterfly Garden, displays flowering shrubs that support butterfly lifecycle as well other pollinators, including bees. The Herb Garden’s aromatic herbs come from around the world, with many being edible or medicinal in nature, while Iris seasonally features more than 150 named bearded iris cultivars – all perfect for your next project.

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