The Cove Waterpark is a great place for the whole family. The wave pools and surfing ponds are not only fun, but they also provide some excellent exercise. A visit to Riverside Family Fun Park doesn’t have to be boring if you bring along your buddies as well – especially when there’s an endless supply of slides that will make it easy on those who don’t want their heads wet all day long from taking too many baths or washing dishes by hand due to less rain over recent years than we had anticipated before moving here recently ourselves.

Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of The Cove Waterpark in Riverside any day with friends or on your own. This attraction features an array of activities such as slides that race through water, wave pools where you can laze about, and surf simulation rooms for when waves are too wild outside.

The Cove Waterpark is a haven for kids and their parents. Lil’ Mates’ Lagoon, with its sprayers and tipping bucket slide, attracts children of all ages to have fun in the water while older ones can enjoy some less difficult slides that are still exciting, such as Crow’s Nest Slides playground designed just right by big boys/girls who know how it feels not being able enough on land adventures due to age restrictions. If you’re looking forward to an adrenaline-pumping experience, then try out our FlowRider Rapids-the ultimate test whether they’ll make waves or friends at camp.

Situated at 4310 Camino Real, Riverside, CA 92509, United States, the Cove Waterpark is the perfect place to take a break from all that sun bathing. Choose between their private cabanas, which come stocked with delicious food and refreshing drinks. Reserve one today for an enjoyable evening under cover of darkness or escape into nature when you need some time away from it all in your own backyard.

In case you’re looking for a summertime activity that will get your heart rate up and lungs burning, look no further than The Cove Waterpark. They offer swimming lessons of all ages and skill levels to help anyone learn how to swim in our fun environment. Junior Lifeguards are always on hand, so join them as they patrol the pool or try one of their aqua fitness classes.

The Cove Waterpark is the place to have your next birthday party. Whether it’s for an individual or group, they’ve got you covered with different packages that will help make the event special. Keep checking back to find out more about their awesome special birthday packages via


If you enjoy a touch of nature with a stroll, it’s worth exploring the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens to experience the variety of plant life and mountain views.