The Birmingham Botanical Garden is located at 2612 Lane Park Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223, United States. It is Alabama’s most enormous 67.5 acres living museum. It boasts of having the city’s most beautiful museum in an outdoor setting. The garden also includes native plant collections, which is the 5th highest in the USA.

A Birmingham Botanical Garden was merely a concept prior to 1960. In that year, Mayor James W. Morgan helped lead the charge to develop The Gardens on 69 acres east of the city’s zoo located at Lane Park, on Red Mountain’s south side. Morgan sees the garden as “the biggest attraction of this type in the Southeast.”

In 1964, a membership organization to support and improve The Gardens was founded as a non-profit corporation called The Birmingham Botanical Society, Inc. The Gardens’ volunteer, fundraising, and support personnel helped to maintain and develop the site after that. Now, both the City of Birmingham and Birmingham Botanical Society are dedicated to the Gardens’ current and future development. Birmingham Botanical Society is an organization of dedicated people to enrich the potential of Birmingham Botanical Garden.


As of November 2021, admission and parking are free. 

Fall/Winter Garden Hours – 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, daily 

Garden Center Hours: 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon during weekdays

Over 12,000 plant species, 25 distinct gardens, more than 30 pieces of original outdoor sculpture, and several miles of walking trails make up the paradise. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which has more than 350,000 yearly visitors, qualifies as one of Alabama’s top free-admission tourist destinations. 

The gardens include the below attractions:

Great scenery

Various plants and flowers




Alabama Cooperative Extension System office

Gerlach Plant Information Center

Arrington Children’s Plant Adventure Zone

Linn-Henley Lecture Hall

Blount Education Center

The Gardens

Formal Garden

Queen’s Gates

Hosta Walk

Ireland Iris Garden

The Southern Living Garden

Twin Urn Fountains

Dunn Formal Rose Garden 

Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Garden

Crape Myrtle Garden Conservatory

Sonat Lake

Hill Garden

Kayser Lily Pool

Cochran Water Wall

Desert House

Camellia House

Samford Orchid Display Room

Torii (Gateway to Heaven)

Tea House and Karesansui

Hulsey Woods

Cultural Pavilion

Viewing Shelter and Long Life Lake

Bonsai House

Richard Arrington Plant Adventure Zone

Cabaniss Walk

Forman Garden

Enabling Garden

Thompson Enthusiast Garden

Bruno Vegetable Garden

Herb Terrace

Hess Camellia Garden

Bog Gardens

Kaul Wildflower Garden

Fern Glade

Curry Rhododendron Garden

Little Ones’ Memory Garden

Curry Rhododendron Species Garden

Jemison Lily Garden

Lawler Gates

McReynolds Garden

Barber Alabama Woodlands

Hulsey Woods

Japanese Gardens

Throughout the year, science education programs are offered and more than 10,000 schoolchildren participate in free science-curriculum-based field trips every year. The Gardens are an important asset for the region, which must be kept and enhanced for current and future visitors. The Gardens are maintained by the City of Birmingham in collaboration with Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a group of 2,800 family and individual members who assist The Gardens.

Fortunately, admission to The Gardens is still free to the general public. Daily cleaning, for example, is paid for with public money; however, changes in increased usage and changing visitor demands are not. As a result, The Friends looks for additional funding sources to fulfill its purpose. The gardens will be kept and enhanced for present and future visitors with each volunteer and support.

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