The town of Southwest Ranches is a suburban community, located near Pembroke Pines, in Broward County, Florida at approximately 13 square miles. It’s located on the eastern side of Everglades and it has some great scenery for those who love natural areas. It has many horse ranches reason residents preferred “Southwest Ranches”  as the town’s name. 

The Town’s name was selected through a local competition. The objective of the contest was to suggest a name for the new city. The response was tremendous, with 122 distinct names being submitted. On October 12, 1999, a poll was held to choose one of the top five options; the Town of Southwest Ranches prevailed. In 2000, many of the Southwest Ranches Homeowners Association members wished to proceed and submit a local bill to allow incorporation in 2000 rather than 2001, and it was approved by the Legislature.

On March 14, 2000, voters overwhelmingly supported the creation of a new Town rather than being included in another city. The creation of a new city’s charter is the next stage. In 2001, the charter was to be drawn up and an election was held to establish the city. On June 6, 2000, after receiving approval from the residents and weekly meet up of the charter committee during July to August 1999 to form a new charter, it was considered one of thirty municipalities. On July 25, 2000, the citizens of Southwest Ranches elected their first Town Council members. The town was formally established on that date.

The community has built a number of equestrian paths in order to preserve its rural-equestrian lifestyle. Miles of multi-use trails were created and people were seen using the trails not only for horse riding but for walking and bicycle rides too.  Since its establishment, there were seven open-space parks acquired by Southwest Ranches. There’s only one park so far that was developed. This includes a show and schooling ring, and an Equestrian Oasis, for the horses’ drinking water.

Southwest Ranches has a variety of green spaces and farmland for residents to enjoy. There is also an abundance in the amount of zoned leisure, which protects these resources from too much development for the benefit of the community. The newest category added was community facilities providing services to the district.

Preserve Our Rural Lifestyle is a movement to preserve the lifestyle of rural communities in Southwest Ranches, Florida. The organization was formed to protect against encroaching development, and it includes donkeys braying, roosters crowing, and no sidewalks.

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