The Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall is located at 601 City Ctr Wy, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, United States. It opened to the public on April 27, 2017. Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery is a two-story space that has been named after Pembroke Pines Mayor, and long-time advocate for the cultural arts – Frank C Ortis, to recognize his commitment to promoting art for many years. 

It is a gallery that shines with creativity and initiates cultural change. They have multidisciplinary inclusive exhibitions, which foster collaboration and connection. The exhibition and learning space of the gallery is a place for artists, performers, leaders, and community members to meet and join together. 

Visiting an art gallery is good for your mental health, but not just because it’s so aesthetically pleasing. A new study found that people who regularly visit galleries have a greater sense of community and are happier than those without access to this form of cultural life. 

Art is a means of expression, and many people find it therapeutic. There are so many different kinds that you can enjoy art in any form from painting on canvas or sculpture to photography. Visiting an art gallery is like going to the doctor for your mind. When you visit or look at paintings, it’s therapeutic because they make us think about our life in new ways and get creative with their colors. Not only that but visiting these destinations also provides relief from stress by helping people explore different cultures. There are lots of reasons why everyone should give themselves this gift every once in a while.

Visiting art galleries is not only an experience to be savored, but also it can make you feel happier. Artistry has been known as affordable entertainment while also serving its purpose: enhancing mindfulness; enriching personal creativity; providing relief. People who view the presence of arts and culture in their community as vibrant have higher levels of satisfaction with life than those living without this outlet for creativity.

Gallery visits are a great way to get inspiration for your next art project. Gallery exhibitions provide an opportunity that most people don’t have – the chance of being surrounded by beautiful artwork from various artists in one place. Whether you want more mental stimulation or just need something calming after work (or both!), then The Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall is the perfect place for you. 

Is indoor activity not your thing? You can also visit C.B. Smith Park if you want to relax in an outdoor setting. The park has a lot of things to offer, like fishing, walking, jogging and many more.

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