Pembroke Pines Bald Eagle Nest is located at Pembroke Pines, Florida area. This is the only known nest in Broward County. The place has been visited by many tourists and locals for years now after its discovery. You’ll be able to see the nest at the side of Pines Blvd. On the south side of the road, you’ll see the nest at the top of a dead tree.

The area is surrounded by a fence so the Bald Eagle Nest will not be disturbed. Disturbing an eagle can be a serious matter. For example, if you distract it with a shiny object then that’s considered a disturbance and will cause the bird to react negatively in some way. Here are other examples of what might disturb one of these beautiful creatures: shining too brightly at night or making sudden movements near their nest while they’re incubating eggs.

You can bring a camera or binoculars so you’ll see the eagle clearly. Most of the time the male eagle sits at the neighboring tree. The thrill of watching an eagle become a parent and raise its young is one that many people find thrilling. The experience can be especially satisfying for those who have been loyal supporters throughout the eagles’ lives, as they watch this majestic creature in their nest.

The continued infrastructure development decreases the natural habitat of eagles and other animals. However, the eagles find their way to adapt to the changes in the environment. In recent years, eagles are found to have nested on man-made structures like cell phone towers and utility poles. Bald eagles usually use the same spot and same nest year after year. They just add nesting materials each season, usually late fall or early winter. 

Florida’s eagles usually start carrying nesting material in December and may lay their eggs around the middle of this month. A baby eagle is able to fly at about 11 weeks old, but it needs additional care until they are ready on their own.

The bald eagle, a national symbol and once threatened species has made an incredible comeback. It has been a symbol of America for centuries. The bird once struggled to survive, but now thanks to the recovery and protection efforts  – they are free from extinction threats. It is still needed to do the proper care to ensure their continued success.

If you find an area that is being used by eagles, leave it alone and let them continue with their natural habitat. If we start disturbances in the nest of these birds then they may stop returning later down the road which would make life more difficult for all species involved.

When visiting the site where eagles’ nests are, it is important to be cautious with our actions. When done watching and taking pictures of the eagle, you may want to proceed to Ben Fiorendino Park. This hidden gem has birds, ducks, and geese usually at the lakeside. You can spend your time relaxing there and just enjoy the beauty the park has to offer.

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