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Mold is a dangerous thing. It’s not only unsightly, it can be toxic and even deadly. If you’re living with mold in your home or business, you need to take action immediately before the problem gets worse and gets more expensive to fix.

You may think “I’ll just wait until I have time to cleanup the mold myself.” Or maybe you don’t want anyone else to know about this problem for some reason. But what if it spreads? What if someone gets harmed by exposure? Whatever the case, we understand that sometimes immediate action is what you need when dealing with an issue like this one. We have licensed and insured technicians so you can rest easy knowing we have the full responsibility. We also offer special rates for those who require same-day assistance as well as discounts on larger jobs.

Reliable Water Damage Restoration will handle everything, from inspection to cleaning so that you don’t have to worry. We can come right out, assess the situation, and get started with our proven process to eradicate any mold.


What is mold and is it harmful to humans?

It is a type of fungus that can grow anywhere there is moisture or water. Molds are usually found in dark corners, damp areas, and other places where it has access to water or high levels of humidity. Molds reproduce by releasing spores into the air which can lead to respiratory problems for those who inhale them. Some mistakenly refer to mildew as mold however, they are different. Molds are much more dangerous than mildew.

They are often found in basements where there is excessive humidity or near leaks. This makes them difficult to remove because the spores easily spread throughout the room and contaminate other areas too. They also grow on furniture, cabinets, and clothing that has moisture, which can make for unpleasant living conditions. It’s important to take action as soon as you spot it because this will help prevent health problems that may arise from prolonged exposure (such as asthma). Usual cleaning can’t unfortunately solve the issue. If you notice mold growth in your home or business contact Reliable Water Damage Restoration today. We are your professional mold removal company that offers affordable rates.


How Do I Choose Mold Removal Services?

Choosing the right team is vital in ensuring proper mitigation of the problem. You don’t want to leave it up to just anyone because this can further damage your residential or commercial property, make any health issues worse and cause more expenses for you in the long run.

The right team to hire for mold remediation shall include the below factors:


  • Experience


Years of experience and relevant training are important in removing mold and restoration of your space. You don’t want to leave the job to someone who does not have enough knowledge in handling remediation. The improper process would only mean a waste of time, effort, and money. We have served countless clients and we are certain of the importance of experience in making sure it won’t come back to mess out with your home or commercial property again.

If the moist area is only left to dry, mold spores will only wait for the optimum moisture level to return if they aren’t properly removed. Dormant mold does not die quickly, but we know how to completely eliminate it.


  • Reputation


One that is long-running and has good reviews and feedback from their clients can be easily identified as a reputable organization. At Reliable Water Damage Restoration, our years of service and high rate of returning clients are proof that they are happy with our restoration service.


  • Licensed & Insured


Before hiring any crew, make sure to ask if they’re licensed and insured because it’s your right to know who will be working on your home or property. In case of accidental damage or health issues from exposure, you don’t want anyone else responsible but them. Having said that, we hire local technicians that are fully trained professionals who possess years of experience in their field. Also licensed and insured so you won’t have to worry about any liability issues.


  • Affordability


It’s important to go with someone who offers fair rates while still offering top-quality workmanship. You don’t want something that breaks your bank account just because they may have more experience than others.

Reliable Water Damager Restoration rates are so competitive that you won’t even need to think twice. Our packages are complete – with cleaning even included. Despite our affordable rates, we assure you that the restoration services we have are of high quality and will leave your home or commercial property as if no destruction happened. We also offer a free estimate for clients who want to know if they have mold on their property so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Get affordable mold remediation services that you can trust. Mold is not a fun thing to deal with, it’s a huge problem. At this point, we can come and save your property from further damage by removing all those molds from affected areas before they become bigger than expected. Our restoration and cleaning procedure are spotless at a low-cost price.


  • Professionalism


It’s important that technicians from any restoration services be well-mannered and easy to approach with questions or concerns. This shows professionalism as well as commitment towards every task given. Reliable Water Damage Restoration has exceptional customer service skills. This is why we make sure each client receives top-notch care whether it would be before, during, or after work completion. Our organization values transparency – both between the team and customers. You can be certain that we’ll never leave a mess for you to cleanup.


  • Availability


You never know when disaster will happen or when you’ll notice that part of your home or property is being overruled by mold. We offer 24/7 availability to meet your mold remediation needs. Don’t worry about calling us at odd hours because we remain open and ready to help you with any emergency situation that may require our assistance, day or night.


Reliable Water Damage Restoration works with only the best technicians and staff to make sure we always provide the best service possible. Don’t hesitate to call for a professional mold remediation company anytime.


How Does Mold Removal Work?

The specification of mold removal services is vital and is the best to consider when looking for the right team to trust. We at Reliable Water Restoration follow below simple yet efficient and proven mold remediation process:


1. Initial inspection
This ensures that the team is hitting the main cause of the mold problem and completely removing it. Our team will conduct an assessment to identify the source of mold and will define a plan to get rid of them. These fungi are usually found in areas with moisture.


2. Isolation
Isolation or containment includes cleaning tools in the house like a vacuum. This prevents mold from spreading further. The team will also remove mold-exposed furniture and clothes in order to prevent an increase in damage.


3. Mold Removal
We don’t believe in just simply spraying chemicals over molds. We’ll take extra time to remove it from each corner or crack using industrial sanitizing equipment, protective gear, and other techniques only used by professionals. We also offer fast drying services that can help in restoring your property faster than you think possible. We also closely monitor areas with moisture or dampness.

Our team uses different techniques specific for each type of material found at home or commercial buildings because not all types need the same treatment procedures. After cleaning, we apply a chemical solution on the affected area which makes mold unable to grow back again. We will do cleaning on the entire room using our state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the elimination of all molds from your property.


4. Post Remediation Assessment
After the mold removal, we will conduct the final investigation to make sure the mold won’t come back. We will be checking every detail of the affected location because we know how stubborn molds are. Some companies may ignore this step so you can assure our process is thorough and efficient when it comes to removing every last trace of mold on property.

Don’t wait any longer when it comes to mold removal. It’s time to get rid of all those molds on your property once and for all before it gets out of hand. We offer fast assistance that will surely meet all your mold removal needs in the most effective way possible.

Reliable Water Damage Restoration offers 24hour availability for clients who require immediate assistance with their property. Our team commits to providing quality, affordable and professional restoration services to each client we serve. We ensure that you will be completely satisfied with our work because customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

Our methods for removing mold from homes are safe and effective. We use products made specifically for killing molds without harming people. And we will do the cleaning too so you can just enjoy your space once again.

Call us today for an estimate and let us get started making home or business safe again!

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