Rice University is located at 6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005, United States. It’s a private university that opened in 1912. Its history began with the death of William Marsh Rice, whom the University is named after. He is a Massachusetts businessman in the field of real estate, cotton trading, and railroad development. 

Rice’s vision for the future of Houston area was never more clear than it would be after he died. In 1891, Rice decided that free tuition should become an integral part of his estate and earmarked most towards funding such project; creating what we know today as Rice University. Although there was a big issue with his death and the fortune he left, it was solved with the help of Captain James A. Baker where $4.6 million was funded for the creation of Rice Institute in 1904.

Rice University is a great school if you want to put in the effort. The returned investment will be worth it, and this place has such beauty that going to classes here can only make your day more enjoyable. It’s worth considering by any top student. The school has been committed to academic quality for over a century now, and it continues to produce top-notch students who will contribute greatly to future success. 

The University’s vicinity is also known for its beautiful scenery.  The Rice University Campus has a beautiful architecture of buildings. Nature lovers will also find themselves right at home in this place because not only do you have nature’s beauty all around you but there are also trees giving shade in case it gets hot outside. It’s a great area for a casual stroll in summer or winter since you’ll never run out of things to appreciate in this beautiful area of Houston, Texas.

The architecture of the University is quite elegant. It has many places to explore like Chapel, Library, and Gardens that will make your trip worth it. The architecture and environment of this place seem to encourage people who are looking for a new challenge. And no wonder why students here seem to be enthusiastic and happy. The atmosphere is so light and inviting.

With a campus in the heart of Houston, Rice University provides its students with easy access to great food and other key areas around town. Plus it’s conveniently located near downtown so you can take quick road trips into all sorts of activities there too.

Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve is another place to visit if you wish to have some time with nature. It also gives you the opportunity to fish and camp.

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