Greater Inwood is in the northwest part of Houston area, just 30 minutes away from downtown. It is part of Harris County that is a great place to live if you want the benefits of both city life and suburban living. The area has plenty of parks, which means there’s always open space for you or your kids or pets when they need some time outside.

Some of the nearby parks are:

When summertime rolls around, there is nothing better than taking your family out for an enjoyable picnic in one of these beautiful parks. You can play games or just walk along the trails with little ones while they enjoy themselves. It’s a great way to spend quality time together. These playgrounds or parks provide both kids and adults with fun opportunities. 

There is also a daycare center for busy parents that needs help with their little ones. It can be very difficult trying to run errands or be at work all day if you have small children that require your attention. This center lets you drop them off for a few hours while you do your daily activities, allowing you to keep your daily routines without losing out on time with the family. Some of them are:

Greater Inwood is an ideal place to live no matter what season it is. The houses are always kept up well by homeowners who take pride in their homes and neighborhood. There are also a lot of restaurants and cafes available.  You can always go out with friends or family to enjoy yourself and have a good time. For those of you who are coffee enthusiasts, this place has some good places for you. There’s nothing better than enjoying an early morning cup of coffee or tea while reading the newspaper. This neighborhood will give you plenty of chances to buy stuff that you need without having to travel far.

Below are some good restaurants and cafes available:

The neighbors here are kind and welcoming; after time they become family. Children can play outside without having to worry about unfriendly people.  This is a nice area of town. The people here are all nice and the scenery is amazing. There are so many places to eat that it’ll be hard for you not to find something yummy no matter what your taste buds prefer.

The best thing about living here? When nighttime rolls around everyone feels safe, it has an excellent reputation among locals and tourists. Safety is not really a big concern in this area, but it’s always wise to be aware of your surroundings.

Greater Inwood has a lot to offer. If you want the privilege of living in such a great place, you can get your very own house here. If you always travel, another place you may want to consider is Greater East End, – there are two airports nearby which are only a few minutes away in the city.

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