Houston Graffiti Building is located at 1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003, United States. The street art is located after George R. Brown and near BBVA Compass Stadium. There are some old industrial buildings here that have been given new life as murals have been painted on them. The buildings are known to many and popular for some photo sessions.

The Houston Graffiti Building is both a tourist destination and home to many artists in Houston. You can spend hours walking around the area taking photos of what you see. There are several pieces that are just amazing that will delight any photography lover even if they’re not local.

The paintings are so detailed and well done. You can tell a lot of time went into each one, it’s not just something that was put together quickly without any care or attention given to how things look when they’re finished.  There are also some murals that have been done on walls that are just too creative to ignore, these would be great for anyone who likes photography itself especially if you focus on capturing the unexpected.

If you’re looking for a place that you can visit any time of the day then this is definitely one to consider. You can plan your trip after lunch or before dinner, it would be nice either way. There are also police who patrol and secure the area in case you worry about anything going wrong or any unruly behavior. You can bring your kids here and spend an afternoon building their culture, the art will educate them as well especially if they’re young. This is not just a great place for photography but also to build up their knowledge of history and culture through arts. It’s a great way to build up their sense of beauty and art.

The Houston Graffiti Building is just amazing to look at. Through the use of art, what is supposed to be old and unused has been transformed into something new and beautiful. There’s so much to look at here that you’ll never get tired of visiting this place. There’s so much great art you’ll see in this area. The place is usually quiet and they have plenty of free parking on-site or nearby too, which is a bonus for visitors.

The graffiti changes from time to time so if you have the chance to visit again you may see something else new and great. It’s a place that is worth your time. 

Another good location to visit in Houston is Rice University Campus. Students that study here are top of the class and the university is well structured making it an attraction too.

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