Braeburn is located in southwest Houston, Texas at Harris County. It is a community consisting of many subdivisions. The first subdivision in the area was established after World War II.

The below are a few of the subdivisions found in Braeburn:

For people who have dogs, there is a dog park in the area.  It’s best for people who wish to walk their dogs for some exercise. This place can be perfect for families with kids, couples, and anyone looking for a nice place to settle down in Houston. There are plenty of places to walk around and relax. There are also tons of coffee shops as well as restaurants. Thus you won’t need to worry if you want some space and sip some coffee to relax, there will be a cafe near you. Got some food cravings? There are also plenty of options to choose from.

However, if you want some authentic Chinese and Mexican cuisine then give Gulfton a visit. This neighborhood consists of many immigrants making it one of the most diverse areas in Texas. You can expect specialty stores here that offer cuisines from different regions.

Braeburn is a great place for those who want an urban feel with plenty of opportunities nearby. Most people rent their homes in this community, which means you’ll have the chance to live alongside other residents from all different backgrounds and lifestyles. 

The community is one of the safest places in Houston. There are rarely any instances where you’ll see people being criminals or anything bad happen around here, it’s usually very secure. Every once in a while there will be security who patrols at night. This place is like a breath of fresh air. It’s so quiet and peaceful, you can really relax here without any worries about loud neighbors or anything else going on around the area. The people who live in this community are friendly too – they’ll help each other out if one needs assistance.

People in this neighborhood are what make Braeburn a great place to live. The majority of the people are kind and helpful.  There are lots of opportunities to find friends and build relationships here. This is definitely a neighborhood you’ll want to check out if you’re looking for a place where you can feel secure and comfortable.

If you’re planning to move to this area soon, you’ll find many different options. There’s a variety of choices for people who want to live here so you won’t feel like it’s too crowded and overpopulated where everyone is cramming together in one space.  There are tons of lovely communities waiting for new residents, so check it out!

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