Alief is a neighborhood in Southwest Houston, TX area. Most of it lies within Houston’s city limits, but there are also some parts of it that fall outside and remain in unincorporated Harris County. It was known and started as a rural farm community in 1894. Alief population rapidly grew in the 1970s and 1980s. 

The City of Houston has been operating parks in Alief for years. These are maintained by the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department. 

Alief Community Park

Alief Community Park is in the southwest corner of Bellaire Boulevard and Kirkwood Road. In 1993, the City of Houston bought this 37.3-acre property for $3.5 million from the First United Methodist Church of Houston. The park was formerly known as Southwest Park, but it was renamed Alief Community Park in 1997.

The below are a few of the attractions or amenities of the park:

Boone Park

Boone Park founded in 1984 is at Boone Road in the middle of Beechnut Street and Bellaire Boulevard. The City of Houston improved this area with the help of oil companies and volunteers. The below are some of the amenities you will enjoy in the park:

Hackberry Park

Hackberry Park is located a few kilometers west of Boone Park. It is located in South Dairy Ashford Road in the middle of Kirkwood Road and Bellaire Boulevard. The below are some of the parks features:

Harwin Park

Harwin Park is an 8.3-acre property found on the Northeast side of Alief. The park was founded in 1989. It’s near the intersection with Wilcrest Drive on Harwin Road. It consists of a playground, multi-purpose fields, a trail system, and a playground.

There are also private parks and venues in Alief, below are a few of them:

The parks and venues in Alief make it a great place to live most especially if you are growing a family or have an active lifestyle. Places like Alief and Greater Inwood have a lot of parks within the area make a good balance with the high-tech and busy city.

If you’re looking for a good school system to enroll your children in, then look no further than the one offered by this city. There are plenty of schools with excellent facilities and educators who will love teaching them. 

The people in this area are from all over the world, which means that you will be exposed to a variety of cultures.  It’s a nice way of learning about other people and enjoying their differences. The neighborhoods are friendly too despite their dissimilarities.

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