Among the ways to beat the heat is by taking in some fresh air and sunshine. Fairmount Park has been named one of America’s most beautiful parks, with its jasmine trees proving especially popular among visitors from near and far alike. The lush greenery provides shade for lounging or relaxing while you enjoy a picnic on that perfect spot across from those resort-worthy palm fronds – what more could anyone ask? Step into Fairmont park, where there are plenty of things worth seeing, including scenic views at your own pace.

Situated at 2601 Fairmount Blvd, Riverside, CA 92501, Fairmount Park is an Olmsted-designed park that features a bandshell, two tennis courts, and a playground. The picnic facilities allow visitors to enjoy their own food or purchase from one of many sellers who have set up stalls along the beautiful grounds while they’re there. Plus, you can fish at Lake Evans if your heart desires – but be careful not to get too close as it might just take hold. Or go for another form of exercise by playing lawn bowling green on this very green space with plenty more shady spots available should sunbathing become tiresome.

Fairmount Park is home to some beautiful views and historical buildings. For those looking for an event space, they should consider renting the Stewarts Boathouse, which overlooks Lake Evans.

Fairmount Golf Course is a municipal 9-hole golf facility that has been remodeled and renovated to improve your experience. Fairmount Park affords guests the chance for all levels of players, from seasoned pros to those new in town – someone who wants afternoon skills challenge with friends over coffee afterward. With lighted driving range mats or grass-hitting areas, as well as two practice greens available at our course, you’ll always find something perfect no matter what level makes up part of why they’re such a popular spot on weekends during warm weather months when families come out together after church.

This is a beautiful park that provides access for all visitors. The boathouse has an accessible entrance, and it’s wheelchair-friendly, so you can enjoy your time at the lake without any worries about getting around on foot or by bus. There are also plenty of public transportation options nearby, including buses stop outside its doors as well as sidewalks extending right up until they meet up with trails leading out into nature (or onto some very nice beaches). Fairmount Park is a great place to get out of the city for an afternoon. It’s not only accessible but there are plenty of amenities like public buses that will take you right into this green space.

If you’d prefer somewhere a bit quieter and away from the traffic, Whitewater Preserve might be a better option.