The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum is located at 7901 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL area. It is an exciting addition to Boca Raton’s cultural landscape. Marilynn Wick in April 2013 acquired the former Caldwell Theatre Company space in the north of town and brought it back to life. The area is transformed from an old theatre into a new theatre and a museum. The theater opened in September with The Sound of Music as its first production. It was attended by the press and patrons alike. This newcomer to the professional theater in South Florida made an intimidating contender despite its fresh status, with audiences coming from all over.

Theatre has been critical to the arts, especially in the early days.  The Wick Theatre is a very important part of the Palm Beach community because it provides a platform for theater arts. It is a place where you can escape from your everyday life for a while and be entertained by new creative works. It’s an experience that reminds us we’re not alone, even if it feels like there are few people around at times in this vast space.  It is a marvelous experience and informative too.

It has been operating for several years, yet it remains very focal to the community as if they’re just starting out. This will be a great experience for those who are looking to reminisce on the days of theater as well as show their children some history. The local community has spoken highly about this place.  It is a wonderful addition to this town.

In November of the same year, the Costume Museum also announced its opening for business – attracting nearly sold-out audiences in just early November. Since then, it has been a popular destination in Palm Beach County for years. The museum is housing the original wardrobes from over 35 Broadway productions and revivals to make sure that patrons still have somewhere equally fun and informative when they come out. 

The perfect place to take your family that will keep everyone entertained is this amazing museum. The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum offers a variety of exhibits that are very educational for both young and old alike. If you’re looking for something fun but informative to do with your family, then this place is your way to go. The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum now function together in providing an essential establishment for art in Palm Beach County. 

It is also located just a few minutes from Sugar and Sands Park.  In case you wish to spend an outdoor activity with your kids after going to The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, then this place will give your kids some good stretch. There are lots of activities that your kids and even you can enjoy. 

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