The Red Mountain Park is a 1,500-acre park with 15 miles of picturesque walking trails, historic mines, a dog park, and other activities like zip lines. It is located at 2011 Frankfurt Dr, Birmingham, AL area. The park is previously owned by U.S. Steel and used for ore operations. The last mine closed in 1971, after 108 years of active mining in the area.

In 2004, planning to create Red Mountain Park started. By 2005 the Freshwater Land Trust initiated a campaign to raise funds to purchase and improve the park. This is when Friends of Red Mountain Park was formed to coordinate with the development. The project was designated as part of the Alabama State Parks system in 2006 and the Red Mountain Greenway and Recreational Commission was established with the responsibility “to own, preserve, restore, maintain, and promote” the park. The park was eventually presented to the public in 2012. The initial site was 1,200 and went to 1,500 acres by 2016.

At Red Mountain Park, you’ll find something for everyone, where iron ore was once extracted from the red soil by miners. It has over 15 miles of trails, treehouses, two amazing overlooks, ziplines, rope climbing, and an off-leash dog park. The majority of respondents – including parents with strollers and tiny children – said that the pathways are more for walkers than hikers, even though they aren’t particularly long or difficult.

The park is open from 7 AM to 5 PM and maybe close during holidays like Christmas day. There is a lot of free parking in the area. Flip-flops and sandals are not allowed by Adventure Tour. You must wear closed shoes with a heel to avoid any unexpected injury. Only wear comfortable clothes, remove accessories, and hair tied back during the tour. 

Activities to Enjoy

You can enjoy a variety of trails ranging from stroller-friendly paths to more difficult trails.

The 6-acre ‘Remy’s Dog Park’ has shaded areas with seats, as well as open grounds for running and fetching. In 2016, Southern Living Magazine named it one of the “10 Great Southern Dog Parks.”

The Butler Snow Sensory Trail is meant for children and adults with developmental disabilities such as low vision and hearing and allows them to explore their interest in the natural world.

There’s an application that can be used to turn your phone into a tour guide. TravelStorys is going to provide a tour of Red Mountains Park. You can download it prior to going to the area to maximize your visit.

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